Genevieve Firmer

Program Manager (Science & STEM Specialist)

Genevieve Firmer is an energetic and innovative science educator. From remote schools with limited resources to tech savvy classrooms, she has experience in F-10 science and STEM, senior chemistry, senior biology and curriculum leadership.

Gen is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney focused on how curriculum influences classroom practice. From this research, she is developing evidence-based, open-access teaching & learning resources for senior chemistry. She is passionate about engaging students in relevant and genuine scientific inquiry, project-based learning and two-way learning. She is excited about the potential of emerging technologies and how the imaginations of young people can put them to all kinds of uses that will one day make the world a better place.

At Future Anything, Gen is the key contact for schools and educators participating in our Science and STEM streams, helping them, and their students to get the most from our programs.