Jen Buchanan

Program Director (Engagement)

Jen Buchanan is a future focused educator who has forged a career as an educator in progressive schools around the world including Green School (Bali), Think Global School (USA), and more recently Preshil School in Melbourne. With a track record of creating positive, engaged and innovative learning environments in schools and adult learners, she is an accomplished coach, educator and trainer.

Jen has a Masters of Education from the University of Melbourne and is a strong advocate for agency; she ignites the creative potential of all participants. Her experience “on the ground” in trailblazing schools, workplaces and universities has given her a deep understanding of the mindset needed to implement change.

An accomplished keynote speaker and presenter, Jen has a practical understanding of how to develop messages, create connection and energy with audiences and focus on learning outcomes.

As Program Director (Engagement), Jen leads the development, delivery and growth of Future Anything’s suite of engaging student-facing workshops. Using Future Anything’s Entrepreneur’s Odyssey as the pedagogical vehicle, Jen takes young people from looking inward at personal passions and lived experiences, igniting their enterprising mindsets to analyse the real-world problems that matter to them, before ideating, prototyping and pitching impactful solutions.