Rebecca McConnell

Program Director (Activate)

Rebecca McConnell is an award-winning curriculum designer, leader, facilitator and public speaker who walks alongside schools and their people on their transformational journey towards contemporary models of education. With over 15 years experience working with 50+ schools in Australia, UK, UAE, USA and Singapore, she has helped them achieve their contemporary strategic goals, improve trust and courage, build their leaders’ professional capacity and to transform their culture.

Rebecca has served schools as Principal, Deputy Principal and Director of Learning and Innovation. She is also an accredited Vocational Coach who works with midlife women to connect with their purpose and transform their career journey and as an Executive Coach who works with educators to grow their leaders leadership skills and to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. Rebecca is currently studying an Advance Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

At Future Anything, she is focussed on building schools’ capacity to engage students in enterprise skills developed through project-based learning and design thinking pedagogies. She leads the development, delivery and growth of Activate, our flagship in-curriculum enterprise thinking program, proactively supporting teachers and students to bend the future, one youth led idea at a time.