Dan Dempsey

Program Director (Professional Learning)

Dan Dempsey is a highly experienced educator, forging a successful 20-year career in education and school leadership in both Australia and the United Kingdom, notably through a range of Principal and Deputy Principal roles across varied primary school contexts.

With a passion for building the capacity of schools, teams and systems to embed effective and innovative teaching, learning and assessment, Dan has developed significant experience providing professional learning, coaching and mentoring to teachers and leaders. Dan has a deep understanding of curriculum and pedagogy, with experience implementing and leading STEM initiatives, Project-Based Learning, inquiry and design thinking.

At Future Anything, Dan uses his extensive experience to provide targeted and bespoke support to empower schools, as well as facilitate the suite of teacher professional development programs, with the aim of providing educators the knowledge and skills to embed future-focussed learning experiences. Dan is motivated by his desire to promote an educational system with enhanced innovation, engagement and curiosity where his own and other children can thrive.

As a keen runner and healthy lifestyle advocate, Dan brings the discipline, work ethic and mental strength learned from training for a marathon to his personal and professional endeavours.