Activate 2022

Activate is an immersive, in-curriculum program that empowers teachers, schools and young people build enterprising mindsets.

Activate is Future Anything’s flagship school entrepreneurship program that embeds future capabilities and integrates fully with mainstream curriculum delivery across ten subject streams.

Teaching teams are supported with extensive and personalised professional development, comprehensive lesson materials, suggested formative and summative assessment tools, plus ongoing, real-time support that enriches the experience for educators, students and their school community.

Activate culminates in an exciting national pitching competition where the best student-led enterprises can win the funding and support to take their ideas out of the classroom and into the real world.

With supported educators leading future-ready curriculum, we really can bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time.

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How Activate works

Activate is delivered by educators who are empowered and supported by Future Anything before, during and after the program. It can be run over one or two terms, or across a whole semester, in one or more subjects of your choice.



Tailored induction program

Teacher CPD workshop + networking

Access extensive online curriculum + resources

TERM 2/3:


Activate delivered your classroom(s)

Ongoing personalised coaching + support for teachers

School Showcase Event



Exciting, high profile national competition

Funding + support for students

Tailored evaluation + reporting

Eight Curriculum-Aligned Subject Streams

Activate offers eight focussed, engaging in-curriculum entrepreneurship subject streams. All content has been developed by experienced educators and aligns directly to the Australian Curriculum, General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities.

Choose one stream, or work alongside our team to build a whole school approach to inquiry based learning and/or entrepreneurship by embedding a number of streams.
Not sure which stream is right for you?  Connect with us to discuss the best option for your school.

Activate Stream


“As an entrepreneur….

LEVEL* / Program Length

Civics & Citizenship

…pitch an innovative idea that encourages citizens to actively participate in their democracy.”
ENTRY / 20 x 60 min lessons


...pitch an innovative idea that could be sold (for a profit) at your local market.”
ENTRY / 20 x 60 min lessons

Social Enterprise

…pitch an innovative, scalable, and sustainable business that makes the world a better place.”
INTERMEDIATE / 20 x 60 min lessons


...persuasively pitch an innovative idea that ‘closes the gap’ for a marginalised group of choice.”
INTERMEDIATE / 30 x 60 min lessons


...pitch an innovative idea that makes the world a safer place from human impact or natural disasters.”
INTERMEDIATE / 30 x 60 min lessons

Business Enterprise

..pitch an innovative, scalable, and sustainable business that you have validated in-market.”
CHALLENGING / 20 x 60 min lessons

STEM (Diegetic Prototyping)

...pitch an innovative and scalable idea that uses diegetic prototyping to make solutions from the future possible today.”
CHALLENGING / 20 x 60 min lessons

STEM (Genetics & DNA)

...pitch an innovative and scalable idea that uses contemporary genetics research to solve a problem.”
CHALLENGING / 20 x 60 min lessons

* Entry Level units are typically targeted to Year 7 or 8 students. Intermediate Level units are typically targeted to Year 8 or 9 students. Challenging Level units are typically targeted to Year 9 or 10 students. Depending on the context of your school, some units may be more applicable for different subjects/year levels. Connect with us to discuss the best option for your school.

What's Included?

Activate includes a wide range of elements to help build entrepreneurial mindsets in schools from teacher professional development, curriculum resources and assessment tools. Activate is an easy – and fun- way for teachers to embed Project Based Learning in all their classrooms.  Click here to download the Activate 2022 brochure to read more about what’s included.









Embedding Future Capabilities

Activate uses entrepreneurship as a vehicle to build the capacity of young people across six key future capabilities. Future Anything surveys students before and after the program to evaluate our impact, and to provide educators with detailed, bespoke reports that help them understand the change in their students.

After Activate 2021, our research showed that after completing the program , students’ confidence increased in all six future capabilities. If you’d like to know more about how we evaluate our impact, get in touch!


Good problem solvers are curious, and use their initiative to understand, define and tackle problems as they arise.


Good communicators speak clearly, listen actively and are able to change how they communicate to suit different audiences.


Innovators challenge the way we do things by imagining new possibilities. They seek opportunities for improvement and are willing
to try and test new ideas (even if they don’t always work).


People with an adaptive mindset adjust to feedback and change, and bounce back from setbacks. They staying curious and positive even when under pressure.


Good collaborators have the ability to work with different people, build positive relationships and contribute to achieving shared goals. They are able to break large projects into achievable steps, and manage their time and resources efficiently.


Good critical thinkers question information (who is saying this and why?), look at different opinions or perspectives on an issue and challenge their own thoughts and ideas (why do I think this way?).

This was my first year teaching Activate and at first I was nervous about having to “know so much”, but the lessons are so easy to follow and work so well that it was almost effortless to implement. It was enjoyable to teach and inspiring to see the outcome - thank you Activate - it was a great program!

JodieWavell SHS, QLD

Activate has brought more relevance and importance to my lessons as the teaching is embedded in current issues and topics relevant to the students. Our students are more independent and self motivated, and see themselves as having the power to solve problems rather than waiting for someone else to fix it.

JuliaBribie Island SHS, QLD

Activate is an amazing program that takes students through a process that not only helps them to create a business idea, but makes them believe in themselves. The Activate program enables students to experience a world outside of school, and show them all the possibilities they can achieve.

VickiRedbank Plains SHS, QLD

I absolutely loved teaching the Activate program and can't wait to deliver it again next year. The Future Anything Team are fantastic and provide regular, valuable support. It is an amazing, innovative and forward thinking initiative that the students can really get their teeth into.

AlexiaCardijn College, SA

Activate provided all the resources and step by step guidance for us to deliver the program confidently. Our students were engaged and driven, we loved seeing them actively collaborating in their learning, preparing pitches that had real meaning for them.

SandraCabra Dominical College, SA

Activate is a game changer in education, it provides many opportunities for student voices to not only be heard, but celebrated in these ever changing times. If you want to see passionate engaged students in your classrooms, Activate is the way to go!

ShaneBribie Island SHS

[Activate] is complete and enclosed so that you can start teaching it right away. The material is presented and assessed in a manner that makes it come alive and be very exciting. It was reassuring to know that I was delivering quality content with proven methods.

JimWhitsunday Anglican School, QLD

We loved integrating the Future Anything Program into our Business Education classes. The students were engaged from day one and the personal success they felt when they realised that anyone can succeed in this subject if they find their passion and learn to hustle. I would highly recommend this program!

EliseCorinda SHS, QLD
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