The Future Anything Story

Future Anything transforms young people’s passion and curiosity into innovative ideas that make their world a better place.

“A number of years ago, I was teaching an all boys Year 9 English class when I was interrupted by a student who said, “I don’t mean to be rude, miss, but… Why are we doing this?”

Despite my best efforts to fumble for a better response, all I could say in the moment was, “Because, we have to.”

But, did we? Did we have to? Despite the relentless efforts of educators everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with new trends, new technologies and new approaches to learning. Creating new content, or reinvigorating our best lessons is one of the most challenging parts of our profession, and all too often a rather lonely experience for too many teachers.

Our Future Anything programs address these challenges directly by providing fully resourced and curriculum aligned programs that support educators to deliver engaging learning that links to life.

Using the framework of our Entrepreneur’s Odyssey, our Future Anything programs encourage young people to embark on their own journey of self discovery; using entrepreneurship as a vehicle to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, support, and partnerships to develop innovative ideas that solve problems.

With supported educators leading authentic, ‘future ready’ curriculum, we really can bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time.”

Nicole Dyson

Founder / Director

Why Future Anything?
We Know Schools

Designed and led by experienced educators; we know schools and we know curriculum.

Individualised Programs

These are not a plug and play, ‘one size fits all’ programs. We work with you to ensure that your program supports the needs of your young people.

Continued Support

We’re here for educators. We work with teaching teams to ensure the learning continues beyond our program.

We Believe in Ideas

We’re here for your students. We provide pathways post program for your passionate entrepreneurs to take their ideas out of the classroom and into the real world.

Say hello to our team

Our mission is to slide young people further up the entrepreneurial mindset continuum; to a place where they are more apt to discover, evaluate, and take advantage of opportunities more regularly.

Nicole Dyson

Founder & CEO

Jess Roberts

Operations Director

Dan Dempsey

Program Director: PD

Marian Wright

Program Director: Activate

Kate Clauson

Head of Curriculum

Alyssa Burns

Program Manager

Breanna Barnes

Operations Officer

Leighann Ness Wilson

Project Manager

Jarred Turner

Program Manager

Gen Firmer

Workshop Faciltator

Josh McHugh

Workshop Faciltator

Julia Penn

Workshop Faciltator

Our team provides unlimited coaching and support to our schools in the lead up to, and the delivery of, our in-curriculum, student workshop and teacher professional development programs.

Let's get started

Our Partners

We work with organisations, and local and state governments to build enterprising mindsets in forward-looking regions across Australia and beyond. Read more about some of our Projects & Partnerships here.

 Want to partner with us to bring Future Anything to a school, suburb, region, or city near you? Get in touch. 

We are grateful to work with a diverse range of passionate and purpose-led organisations locally, nationally and globally to create innovative ideas that bridge the gap between schools and industry ecosystems. Get in touch if your organisation would like to work alongside us to bend the future, one youth-led idea at a time.

Our Schools

We work with schools, colleges and education organisations of all sizes right across Australia.

Taking part in Ignite, I learned that anything is possible.

Donvale Christian CollegeStudent

I’m impressed with the [Activate] curriculum. It’s important for us to have an agile and dynamic curriculum that we can model and reshape it to suit our context. The resources take our students into the real world, prompting them to think outside the box and to document that thinking. The notion of visible thinking was really inspiring for us.

Vanessa NoonanSheldon College

Future Anything really opened my eyes; I realised you don’t have to wait to make a difference. You don’t need to wait until you’re an adult, or until someone tells you that you can. You can take your passions and skills and turn them into something you’re proud of, something that sparks the change that you want to see, right now. So that’s what I did, and now my youth-led mental health podcast, MentalMusic, has been successfully running for over two years.

Jordan O’Dell FontanaBrisbane SHS Student & Founder MentalMusic

Activate has made an amazingly big, creative change within our school and in our community. Before, some of our students were completely disengaged. Now they’ve become the ones always putting their hands up and thinking outside the box. We had a schoolwide shift. Within the teaching staff too, there was a lot more positivity and creativity. We bounce ideas off each other and share that collective wealth of experience, networking and knowledge. These changes were really positive for our school.

Fiona Pennesi-MitchellMarsden State High School

The most important part of Activate is learning to step back and let the students drive their own learning, drive their own solutions, drive their own ideas. It’s changed the way that I now teach across all my classes.

Vicki CullRedbank Plains SHS

[Future Anything] taught me how to start a business at a young age, and how our ideas can have a big effect on today's society.

StudentSheldon College

I’ve found that I build much more rapport and in depth relationships with my students. [Activate] helps them focus on things that they’re passionate about and on what that they enjoy in a classroom setting - they are driving their own learning. They’re definitely much more in control and that’s changed the whole dynamic of the class.

Michael MientjesMarsden State High School

The biggest takeaway for me from Activate is seeing students shine, and particularly who don’t always get that opportunity. Because that’s why we become teachers, so that we can provide opportunities for students to shine. It’s really about those experiences.

Chris GauthierSpringfield Central SHS

Wow. Tonight’s Activate National Final was a truly fantastic event.
To tackle the big challenges facing our world, I believe that our young people will need to be equipped with a very special mix of skills and tools, with a growth mindset and dogged determination. Tonight I saw all that in action. Future Anything - and the passion of the young people and their broader community - has given me renewed energy, inspiration and hope for the future.

Natalie Cook OAM OLY5x Olympian, Gold Medallist & President QLD Olympic Council

Future Anything is an amazing program. It gave me the opportunity to pitch my own business idea to a panel of judges who were actually really inspiring entrepreneurs in their own right. I’m in the process of starting my own business- which is so much more than I could have ever asked for. I have grown confidence and become much more resilient. I would recommend this program to every school! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students.

Tanieka Booth-McNeillStudent, Founder of Shielded Socks, & FA National Grand Final Winner 2018

Our kids and staff have loved the opportunity to work with Nicole and the team from Future Anything. The opportunities to engage in real world learning, driven by the student’s areas of interest, within a framework that supports the curriculum has been invaluable. Our kids have engaged to such a high level with their social impact projects that we are expanding the opportunities this year, and I can’t wait to see the outcome

Andrew PeachExecutive Principal, Marsden SHS

I would like to recognise the unique opportunity that Future Anything provides as a program embedded within the school curriculum to enable our young people to take on the role of a social entrepreneur; not only through building their own social enterprises but through solving complex problems which inspire real-world change. Future Anything is an outstanding program that delivers on authentic and real-world learning experiences and MacGregor SHS is looking forward to being involved again.

Liz FosterMacGregor State High School
Here at Future Anything, we deliver staff professional development, student workshops and in-curriculum programs designed to support schools to deliver future-ready teaching and learning.

Get in touch and tell us a little more your school, and what you’re trying to achieve through youth entrepreneurship. We’ll work with you to find the best program to meet the needs of the young people you’re working with.