Julia Penn

Workshop Facilitaor

Julia Penn is an experienced educator, with extensive experience in Primary, Middle and Senior education settings. She prides herself on her ability to create a fun, nurturing environment where students are empowered to think creatively and critically.

The educational philosophy driving Julia is more than just imparting knowledge; it’s about shaping effective and positive citizens of society. Julia has facilitated learning across a wide range of subjects and curricula, including the IBMYP, IBPYP, and Australian Curriculum. Julia has guided students from Reception to Year 10, tailoring programs to meet their individual needs and interests.

As a lead teacher in STEM, Julia has crafted engaging units centred on project-based learning. Julia has challenged students to address real-world issues and collaborate on innovative solutions. By integrating modern technologies and fostering hands-on exploration, she empowers students to develop problem-solving skills and a growth mindset.

As a Future Anything Workshop Facilitator, Julia leads our engaging student-facing workshops, including  Flare, Spark and Ignite, our one-, two- and week-long workshops for school students in Years 5 – 12.  She takes young people from looking inward at personal passions and lived experiences, igniting their enterprising mindsets to analyse the real-world problems that matter to them, before ideating, prototyping and pitching impactful solutions.

Outside of the classroom, Julia loves to stay active with her young family and two border collies