Jarred Turner

Program Manager

An experienced secondary school English teacher in both WA and QLD, Jarred is an enthusiastic and driven educator with a decade of experience in the social enterprise space.

Jarred’s involvement with social entrepreneurship began in his university years, where he led a team of volunteers to run IMPACT, Australia’s largest youth-focused social enterprise conference. In three years, IMPACT delivered educational content and immersive social enterprise experiences to over 1,100 high school and tertiary students and upskilled 60 volunteers across three states.

His work as President of IMPACT earned Jarred a Young Achiever Award in 2017; an award that recognises the incredible achievements of young individuals that create a sense of state pride, unity, and inspiration, through their role modeling to the wider community.

Since then, Jarred has remained committed as an educator to linking learning to life. Jarred enjoys sparking the creativity of students and finding ways to embed community service projects within the curriculum to broaden his learner’s horizons and perspectives.

Combined with a stint in educational research, Jarred’s experience makes him well-versed in the changing nature of work and the exciting opportunities that this offers for young people. He believes that fostering students’ compassion and innovation is essential for supporting them to thrive in a transforming world.

As a Future Anything Program Manager, Jarred catalyses his background in both education and social enterprise to support young people in our one, two, and four-day student workshop programs to bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time.