Impact Youth Reimagined

Be part of our collaborative community

Be part of Impact Youth Reimagined!

Are you aged between 12-24 and passionate about creating a better world?

Are you looking for an opportunity to create a collaborative community of  like-minded young people united in their mission to amplify youth voice?’

Are you available to attend four (school) days of face-to-face workshops in Brisbane during May and June?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then we’d love for you to be part of Impact Youth Reimagined. 

Youth are our future. In order to tackle some of the complex social, environmental, and cultural problems that exist in our world, young people need access to skill-building, support, and a sense of community.

Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) is reactivating a youth-led initiative, called Impact Youth Reimagined, that aims to serve a number of key purposes:

  1. Activation of youth voice, and young people throughout QLD to engage with and within purpose-led organisations
  2. Amplification of youth voice, and existing groups of young people and organisations working in the purpose-led and youth space.
  3. Unification of organisations, spaces and individuals working to engage and support young people.
  4. Opportunity for young people to access the support and skills to launch or scale their own purpose-led organisations.

A four-day workshop series (details below) has been designed by Impact Boom and Future Anything alongside youth and key sector stakeholders that places young people (12-24) at the forefront of the co-design process and culminates in a showcase event when teams of young people will pitch their own innovative prototypes for:

  1. A Brisbane youth social enterprise ‘hub’ as the pilot for a scalable model that can be rolled out throughout Queensland.
  2. An annual youth ‘event’ as a driver to serve the key purposes listed above and also increase membership to the youth hubs.

We’re looking for applications from interested and passionate young people aged 12-24 that have the capacity and availability to attend each of the four days of face-to-face Impact Youth Reimagined workshops. Forty students of diverse backgrounds will be shortlisted to take part in the workshop series.

This is a great opportunity to be one of the founding members of a new youth-led association designed to unleash the impact and innovation of young people in Queensland, and a platform for participants to build key networks and be involved in making a change for young people locally and globally.

Applications for Impact Youth Reimagined are now closed.

Workshop 1

17 & 18 May 2021

Brisbane Business Hub (155 Queen St, Brisbane 4000)

Workshop 1 will see 10+ teams of young people (3-4 in each team) develop then pitch their own innovative, scalable and sustainable prototypes for either a) a youth hub or b) an annual youth conference. Key topics include:

  1. Theory of Change
  2. Ideation & Prototyping
  3. UVP
  4. Feedback
  5. Pitching
  6. Project Management

It culminates in key stakeholders providing feedback on prototyped concepts, before participants settle on one ‘super’ prototype of each concept (hub & event) to pursue within assigned project teams. 

Development Phase

June 2021

Undertaken remotely.

Project teams work together over the course of four weeks to develop the scope, scale and viability of their prototypes further in readiness for the final workshop and showcase event.

We anticipate that participants will spend 1-2 hours a week on this project.

1 June + 16 June 2021, 3:30pm- 5pm:

2 x 90min facilitated Zoom calls to support project teams.


24 June + 25 June 2021

The Precinct, Levels 1-3 TC Beirne Building, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006. 

Workshop 2 sees participants come back together to further develop their proposals and ready themselves for the culminating showcase event at the end of the second day. Key workshop topics include:

  1. Validation
  2. The Business Model Canvas
  3. Funding + Financials
  4. Pitching + Presenting

The showcase will take place with potential advocates and supporters from the public and private sector. This will allow participants to pitch for support and funding to launch their hub and event later in the year.