Josh McHugh

Workshop Facilitaor

Josh is a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience in the education sector. Throughout his career, Josh has held various pastoral leadership roles, where he has demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for students. His leadership is characterized by a deep understanding of the diverse needs of students and a dedication to their holistic development.

A key aspect of Josh’s teaching philosophy is his keen interest in design learning. He has consistently integrated innovative design learning strategies into his classrooms, believing that engaging, hands-on experiences are crucial for effective student learning. Josh’s approach emphasises the importance of student engagement and the delivery of high-quality educational experiences.

Josh’s passion for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments has been a driving force behind his teaching methods. He believes that when students are actively engaged, their ability to absorb and retain information is significantly enhanced. By placing a strong emphasis on engagement and quality learning, Josh ensures that his students are not only prepared academically but also equipped with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for their future endeavours.

With his experience and dedication to innovative teaching practices, Josh continues to inspire and positively impact the lives of his students, preparing them for a successful future.

As a Future Anything Workshop Facilitator, Josh leads our engaging student-facing workshops, including  Flare, Spark and Ignite, our one-, two- and week-long workshops for school students in Years 5 – 12.  He takes young people from looking inward at personal passions and lived experiences, igniting their enterprising mindsets to analyse the real-world problems that matter to them, before ideating, prototyping and pitching impactful solutions.