Kirstene Ciappara

Program Manager (Learning Design Specialist)

Kirstene has a background in teaching in both mainstream and trade school contexts and is experienced in the career development and Life Design spaces. In her work in schools, she particularly enjoyed planning and coordinating successful school showcases, celebrating young people’s ideas and collaborating with external networks to bring the ‘real world’ into the classroom.

She’s extremely passionate about helping people live a life that excites them and believes that this all begins in schools. Kirstene advocates for purpose-driven classrooms that develop young people’s enterprise skills, and that give them the opportunity to solve real-world problems that ignite a fire in them that will translate well-beyond the classroom.

As Program Manager and Learning Design Specialist, Kirstene’s role is to support Future Anything teachers, students and schools, empowering them to get the most from our programs.

When not working on all things Future Anything, you’ll find her café-hopping after a solid HIIT workout or sailing out of Sydney on a cruise ship (back when cruises were thing).