2018 Future Anything Grand Final, Highly Commended
Korin & Hoang, Year 9, Kelvin Grove State College

Right now, two and a half billion people all over the world, don’t have access to much needed glasses. That’s over one third of the world who see everyday life through blurry vision. This causes a multitude of problems, one of the most prominent being that 624 million people can’t work at full efficiency or are unable to work at all due to vision impairment. This alone is estimated to cost the world 3 trillion dollars a year.

Vision impairment also cause many lost opportunities in work and education, especially for women who are half as likely as men to receive even basic eyecare. This causes further poverty which just feeds the cycle.

At WireRim, we believe in a world where clear sight is a basic right that everyone has access to.This is why we plan to sell smart glasses. Think normal glasses but smarter – bringing a smart watch’s functionality to your glasses. This will fund free corrective glasses for those who can’t afford it, through the Centre for Vision the Developing World.