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Back to School: Classroom Resources to Build Rapport

It’s that time of year. New classrooms. New students. New personalities. New relationships to be built.

We’ve brought together some of our favourite ideas, activities and back to school classroom resources to help build rapport plus some quick reads on how getting to know our young people opens the door developing new, authentic and inspiring learning experiences.

If you’ve got other ideas or suggestions of back to school classroom resources that you think should be on this list, shoot us an email to – we’d love to hear what works for you- and your students!


BLOG: Ye old adage, ‘Don’t smile before Easter’.

Check out this blog from Future Anything’s Nicole Dyson on her approach to building classroom rapport.


Who Am I?

A great lesson plan from Facing History and Ourselves that helps students define the word identity.  Students will be able to identify various factors that shape their identity.

View here.


Co-creating Classroom Rules.

Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that will last the whole year through. Here are ten activities for involving students in creating those rules from Education World.

View here.  


Icebreakers That Rock.

Jennifer Gonzales shares 30 ‘no cheese’ icebreakers guaranteed not to embarrass your students! There are also some handy tips for delivering these activities remotely.

View here.  


What to kick off the new school year with some rapid ideation but worried you’ll face a room of blank faces? Catapult Cards provide a fun framework to unlock creativity, catalyse co-creation and design innovative, scalable and sustainable ideas that fly. Use the code ‘BACKTOSCHOOL’ to get an extra $100 OFF – saving over $200! Limited bundles available!

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Teach Queensland Education Careers Ambassadors share their top tips for a new school year. One common theme emerged in all of their responses—taking steps towards building positive relationships is crucial at this time of year.

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