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  • Hook


  • Inspiration
  • Start a discussion about sustainability in business or recycling


  • Year 8-10


  • 10-15 Min


  • Projector

Show the video ‘Eco-friendly bicycles’ to the class

Before watching the video:

  • Make a list of all of the different packaging that goes into your waste bin at home.
  • Circle the ones you think could be useful for recycling or repurposing into something new.

After watching the video, tackle the following questions as a class, or in small groups.

  • In this video, Julie Gallacher says that there is no reason a capsule should go to landfill. What do you think the reasons are that capsules might go to landfill?
  • What are three ways you could improve recycling at your school?
  • Ideate 3-5 examples useful things that could be made out of the waste items you circled in question 2.

What are some of your favourite resources, videos or of case studies for getting your students thinking about sustainability or the circular economy in business?

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