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  • Lesson Activity

Enterprise Skills

  • Communication


  • Upper Primary (Year 4-6)
  • Lower Secondary (Year 7-9)
  • Senior Secondary (Year 10-12)


  • 5-15 minutes


  • Student laptops or notebooks


This activity helps to encourage students to share their ideas by using an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short, 60 second summary of an entrepreneurial idea. It is a useful pitch to develop, because it allows students to share their thinking concisely and efficiently with teachers, peers, or mentors. Students can use elevator pitches to receive feedback on their ideas.

1. Elevator Pitch Format

Provide students with the elevator pitch format below. Students should finish each statement with one or two sentences.

2. Write the Elevator Pitch

Ask students to write an elevator pitch following the format below:

  • We are…. [business name]
  • Our problem is… [describe your problem and why it matters]
  • Our solution is… [explain clearly]
  • We are different to the competition because… [give a point of difference]
  • We would like you to… [provide an action for your listener – do you want them to provide feedback? To interact with your product? To place an order? To partner with you?]

3. Refine

Provide students with time to practice presenting and timing their pitch within their team. It should fit within 60 seconds, and by practicing the pitch out loud – they can iron out any kinks.

4. Revisit

Throughout the project, students can revisit their elevator pitch and adapt it as changes to their idea occur. The last line of the pitch, the call to action, is even an element students can add later – when a clearer set of calls to action are available to them.

Elevator Pitch Examples:


What prompts would you give your students, to help them ideate problems?

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