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Summer Howarth

The Eventful Learning Company

In Empowering Educators, inspiring Aussie educators share how they build and nurture entrepreneurial mindsets in schools and classrooms. Here we ask Summer Howarth of The Eventful Learning Co. about her inspiration and how she creates creating authentic and connected learning experiences.

Q1. Can you give us three words (or phrases) that describe your life as an educator? 

Dynamic, lively, proud.

Q2: What’s one of the best learning experiences you’ve ever delivered?

The Northern Territory Learning Commission is an ever-growing network of schools committed to improving learning through student voice.

We have iterated the design and delivery of this program across many years and we are really proud of the resources we’ve developed to support both students and teachers to have a powerful dialogue and move towards taking action using their school data. 

There’s a video of the commission here and here’s one of the resources: Building A Story Together .

Q3: What’s one book, website or podcast you’d recommend to educators keen to build the entrepreneurial mindsets of their students?

My recommendation is both and book and a podcast –  Design Your Life by Vince Frost

Meet this week’s Empowering Educator, Summer Howarth. 

Summer is the founder of The Eventful Learning Co.; designing great learning events, strategy & content for schools & systems. She has worked in every system & sector in Australia as a teacher, leader and policy-maker. 

Summer spends her days working with schools and departments of education building great resources and events to support teachers, teaching and learning from her base in Melbourne, usually with the neighbour’s dog Claude by her side. The only thing Summer loves more than education is sausage dogs. 

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