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Join us for Live Learning 19:

Doing School Differently – Empowering Every Student’s Journey

Live Learning is Future Anything’s continuing professional development series for educators.

Each month, Future Anything’s leading educators chat with awesome movers, shakers, thinkers and doers from the world of entrepreneurship, education and beyond on topics designed to help build enterprising mindsets in schools.

In our third session of Future Anything’s Live Learning: Doing School Differently series on 31 August 2023, we explored innovative approaches in education that acknowledge that mainstream schooling may not be the optimal path for every young individual.

Traditional education systems often follow a one-size-fits-all model, which can overlook the unique strengths, interests, and challenges of individual students. However, a growing number of schools have recognised the need for a more personalized approach, one that nurtures students’ passions and empowers them to shape their own learning journey. This Live Learning session showcased these innovative programs that foster an environment where students’ personal pursuits take centre stage.

We delved into programs driven by students’ personal pursuits, integrating trauma-informed practice, wellbeing, and life skills approaches. We highlighted the collaboration between educators and youth workers to support students effectively. Additionally, we explored outreach learning options for young parents, those in or leaving out-of-home care, individuals experiencing homelessness, and disengaged students.

EVENT NAME: Doing School Differently: Empowering Every Student’s Journey

DATE & TIME: Thursday 31 August 2023, 4pm – 4.45pm AEST

GUESTS: Kim Brady (Novo Education Space), Alex Bruhn (Youth Inc), & Sally Lasslett (Hester Hornbrook Academy)

Meet our guests:

Kim Brady, Leader of Teaching & Learning at Novo Education Space.

Kim Brady  is an innovative educational leader and alternative learning specialist seeking to redesign educational systems to meet the needs of diverse learners. Her learning journey has been shaped and inspired by students and colleagues who have experienced mental health issues, trauma, challenges with behaviour, and learning disabilities. Kim’s own lived experience of neurodiversity offers her a powerful and unique lens into the world of education, both as it is, and how it could be.

Alex Bruhn, Metavercity Project Lead at Youth Inc

Metavercity is a new virtual school campus, providing online learning experiences in the metaverse that maximise the potential to engage young people in learning. By harnessing the power of emerging technology, gaming and the Metaverse as conduits for learning, working and playing students will develop the knowledge, tools and capabilities to lead and shape a more equitable, daring, and inspiring world.

Sally Lasslett, Principal, Hester Hornbrook Academy

Sally is an exceptional educational leader with a mission to foster collaborative and innovative teaching and learning. Her expertise lies in successful change management, resulting in improved student well-being and enhanced educational outcomes. With a relentless dedication to creating a positive and transformative environment, Sally’s visionary approach inspires both educators and students alike.

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