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Published 23 November 2022

Future Anything Hall of Fame launched

The first inductees to the Future Anything Hall of Fame were announced on Monday 21 November at the Future Anything National Grand Final 2022.

With this special honour, Future Anything recognises the vision and long-term support of the schools that have been part of the organisation’s flagship Activate in curriculum entrepreneurship program since its inception five years ago.

Founder & CEO Nicole Dyson said “We’ve seen some really remarkable young people with some really remarkable ideas here at the Grand Final tonight. As an educator myself, I think it’s vital that we acknowledge that incredible work like this this doesn’t happen in classrooms without the really hard work of the teachers in those classrooms.”

Nic added “For the first time this year, we have schools that have been involved in our Activate program for five whole years. These partnerships are incredibly special to us. We’re so proud that these schools have invited us back year after year to work with their students and teachers.”

Nic welcomed leaders from MacGregor State High School, Marsden State High School SHS, Springfield Central SHS to the stage, presenting them with a special award in recognition of their vision and commitment to building enterprising mindsets within their student and teacher communities, and their long-term support and contribution to Future Anything.

MacGregor State High School’s Kerry Hopper said “We’ve been on a long Activate journey and it’s fantastic to see how the program has evolved from when it first started. What’s great about Activate is that, from your very first class, any teacher can pick up the curriculum and deliver it in the classroom. When you sit here tonight and see the students pitching on stage, and you see the sense of achievement they have, and you can really see the difference you’ve made to those students. It’s so rewarding to be involved and to implement this program in our school.” 

Gail Bligh from MacGregor added “We believe Future Anything offers such a great opportunity for students to grow. It’s wonderful to see them share their ideas, brainstorm together, and step outside of their comfort zone.”

The team from Marsden State High School “Its been amazing to watch Future Anything grow and evolve over the last five years. [Activate] really encourages our students to think outside the box,  and to work hard and work together to problem solve and make a difference in society.”

Representing Springfield Central State High School, teachers Michelle Osust and Sarushan Moodley said “It’s been really fun delivering Activate. The works that Nic does at Future Anything is unmatchable. I don’t think any other program offers our kids the same opportunities.”

You can watch the whole Future Anything National Grand Final 2022, including the launch of the Future Anything Hall of Fame on YouTube here.


The Future Anything National Grand Final 2022 took place at The Triffid in Brisbane and live online on Monday 21 November 2022, supported by Major Partner Advance Queensland and Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur. It was the culmination of Future Anything’s  Activate in-curriculum entrepreneurship program.

Registrations for schools to participate in Activate 2023 are now open. Click here to read more about Activate.


Huge thank you to all the partners, sponsors, educators and students who make this event possible.

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