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  • Hook
  • Lesson Activity
  • Exit Ticket

Enterprise Skills

  • Adaptive Mindset
  • Creativity & Innovation


  • Lower Secondary (Year 7-9)
  • Senior Secondary (Year 10-12)


  • 20-30 minutes


  • Projector with sound

Show the video ‘Mark Cuban - The #1 Reason Why Most People Fail In Business' to the class.

Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor with a net worth of over 4 billion dollars.

He is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, co-owner of 2929 Entertainment and chairman of AXS TV.

He is also one of the main shark investors on the ABC reality television series, Shark Tank.

After watching the video, have students to reflect on it in paragraph form. Here are some prompting questions:

  • What are three key takeaways for you from Mark Cuban about learning and/or studying?
  • What do you want to achieve in life? What do you want to do with your life?
  • What goals can you set to achieve your dreams?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve these goals and dreams (i.e. what plans can you make)?
  • What steps can you take this week to start putting your plans in action?

What other activities or resources do you use to motivate your students to achieve their goals and dreams in life?

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