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Nicole Dyson recognised as one of Australia’s Most Influential Educators 2023

In March, The Educator began the hunt for the influential professionals who have had the strongest impact in creating a reformative teaching and learning culture in the last 18 months.

Inclusion in The Educator’s Most Influential Educators 2023 report – which is supported by Positive Education School’s Association (PESA) is a clear affirmation of a candidate’s focused work and dedication to rising above the unique challenges that facing Australia’s education sector.

The Educator received a large number nominations for the Most Influential Educators list, along with details of nominees’ extensive achievements and contributions to the profession.

The final list consisted of 45 educators and other professionals who delivered specific outcomes that significantly influenced the Australian education industry.

Nic said “It’s a huge honour to be recognised as one of Australia’s Most Influential Educators alongside so many extraordinary leaders who are driving change in classrooms around Australia every day. Their vision and dedication will make the world a better place for young people and school communities everywhere.” 

She added “Here at Future Anything, we’re dedicated to empowering educators to build enterprising mindsets and create authentic learning experiences that link learning in the classroom to life outside the school gates.

As educators, none of us do what we do for recognition, however it’s wonderful to see the commitment of this incredible cohort acknowledged in this way.”  

About Future Anything

Future Anything transforms young people’s passion and creativity into innovative ideas that make their world a better place. Our mission is to create enterprising students, empowered educators, and future-ready schools.

What do we mean by ‘enterprising’?

enterprising (adj): marked by an independent energetic spirit and by readiness to act

We do this through:

  • In-curriculum Entrepreneurship: Activate is our flagship program that builds enterprising mindsets in every classroom, empowering young people to ideate, prototype and pitch innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to the problems they care about. Read more here.
  • Teacher Professional Development: We design and deliver engaging educator PD; unpacking the ‘what’ and, more importantly, the ‘how’ of an innovative and future-focussed approach to teaching and learning. Read more here.
  • Student Workshops: Over one, two or five days, our workshops are fast paced days of listening, learning and doing that ignite students’ enterprising mindsets. Read more here.
  • Partnerships: We partner with innovation bodies, education organisations, governments and others to spark innovative projects that drive entrepreneurial change in schools, communities and regions. Read more here.

To find out about bringing Future Anything to your class, school or community, get in touch!

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