As the world evolves in industrial and mechanical growth, air contamination is a by-product. Chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart diseases and damage to the brain, nerves, liver and kidneys are some of the several health issues associated with this pandemic. Each year, there are over 7 million deaths; 1.6 million of these deaths originate from India.

We are a company that has ventured into the beauty industry through the creation of candles and solid perfumes, made of organic, home-grown products.

In contrast, our candles are made of beeswax – a natural indoor purifier which emits negative ions that clear the air of mould spores, pollen, germs and odours.

We are currently finalizing our partnership with Clean Air Asia – an international organization and charity that lead regional missions for more liveable cities in Asia, including Indian cities, to whom we will donate 20% of our profit to.