2019 Future Anything Grand Final
Emma, Ella, Hannah & Charlotte, Year 9, Sheldon College

The local challenge that Tuki is solving is the number of single parents that don’t have time to spend with their families. Currently, in Australia, 10.4% of Australian families have only one parent or carer. As a single income household, it is extremely difficult for single parents to juggle a full-time job, completing housework, running errands and spending enough time with their families.

Tuki aims to ensure single parents can maximise their time spent with family and minimise time spent doing housework and running errands. To begin, Tuki will combat this complication in the Brisbane area.

The Tuki app allows parents to hire a growing Tuki team member to complete simple housework and jobs. Once the task is complete, the worker will gain the appropriate amount of points that it is worth and then are able to trade these points for money or use them in the app.