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  • Hook


  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Prompt Reflection


  • Years 7-10


  • 10 minutes


  • Print template

It’s great to give students voice-and-choice when completing a big project.

However, some students get overwhelmed by the mass of options and so they pursue the first thing that comes to mind, only to find out later that they’re probably not super connected to the area that they’ve chosen to focus on.

To combat this, before students “lock in” their focus area for an open-ended task or project, have them complete a mini activity on this focus area to test the waters.

Then, use the self-check in template here afterwards to give students the chance to see if they’ve selected the best focus area for them or if they need to pivot.


What are some of your favourite resources, videos or case studies to get young people comfortable with the concept of pivoting their ideas?

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