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Activating Bright Minds in the Bowen Basin

In collaboration with the Bowen Basin Bright Minds Partnership, Future Anything has secured funding and support from Australian Schools Plus to deliver a three-year transformational project that will empower educators in regional Queensland to build enterprising mindsets in their classrooms.

Between 2024 and 2026, over 350 students and 25 teachers in nine primary and secondary schools in Capella, Dysart and Emerald will be part of the ‘Activating Bright Minds’ project led by Future Anything and the Bowen Basin Bright Minds Partnership, with support from Schools Plus. 

With secondary schools working directly with their primary feeder schools, the project will build cross-school collaborative partnerships that support a community of schools to design and deliver a future-focussed approach to curriculum, with schools delivering Future Anything’s award-winning Activate program in their classrooms.  

These ‘cluster’ relationships will also enable school communities to map and track the growth of their young people in critical 21st Century Skills such creative thinking, critical thinking and adaptive mindset (resilience / grit) from year to year, and across the primary to secondary school transition. 

Young people participating in Future Anything’s Activate program in 2023. 

Nicole Dyson, Founder & CEO of Future Anything, said “This is a really exciting partnership for us. The World Economic Forum’s recent report ‘The Future of Jobs 2023’ clearly identified the critical skills required for young people today to navigate work after school, with creative and critical thinking topping the list. 

Nicole added “The focus of this partnership is on building the skills that have been clearly identified by leading global research like this – ensuring that regional educators have access to everything needed to support their young people to not only navigate – but nail, life after school.”

Participating schools will have access to a suite of educator-designed and curriculum-aligned classroom resources with targeted opportunities for teaching teams to engage in educator professional development and mentoring. Students will also have access to engaging face-to-face workshops, industry mentors and showcase experiences; designed to connect students’ learning in the classroom to life outside the school gates and enable local communities to share in and celebrate young people’s achievements.

The Future Anything Bright Minds Activate project is being funded as part of the Schools Plus multi-year funding program which builds the capacity of school leadership teams to design and implement evidence-based projects that improve outcomes for children and young people.

Schools Plus partnerships are designed to provide schools with resources and support they need to create lasting change within their communities, with a focus on evidence-based strategies and measurable outcomes.

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