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Join us for Live Learning: Creating Curious Classrooms

Live Learning is Future Anything’s continuing professional development series for educators.

Each month, Future Anything’s Nicole Dyson chats with awesome movers, shakers, thinkers and doers from the world of entrepreneurship, education and beyond on topics designed to help build enterprising mindsets in schools.

The world of work is changing. The average young person will have 17 different jobs across 5 different industries in their lifetime (McCrindle 2015). Employers are listing more enterprise skills than technical skills in job advertisements (FYA 2016). The demand for critical thinking has increased by 170%, creativity by 62%, presentation skills by 24% and team work by 20% (FYA 2016).

And yet, research indicates that over 30% of young people are not proficient in these key areas (FYA 2016).

Despite being named as the #1 skill required to successfully navigate the future of work, creativity and innovation is by far and away the softest ‘soft skill’. In fact, in Future Anything’s research working with 10 000+ young people over the past few years, their creative confidence is at an all-time low with only around 60% of students stating they feel confident in this skill, compared to 70% + in other future capabilities such as critical thinking, and communication. It’s no surprise that this creative no-confidence is so often reflected in how our teachers feel too.

In this three part Live Learning series, Nic is joined by Mykel Dixon, an award-winning speaker, author, professional musician and recognised authority in creativity, culture and the human future of work. Myke helps Fortune 500 and ASX 200 listed companies develop high-performance creative leaders and cultivate innovative, inclusive & interdependent teams.

His second book ‘Everyday Creative – a dangerous guide to making magic at work’ was just named the #1 Leadership Book in Australia for 2021 at the Australian Business Book Awards. Speaking globally to a stellar cast of the world’s most successful brands, Mykel gets to see first-hand what stops us making magic at work. Or, in this case, at school.

Together over 3 sessions, we’ll unpack why it is that 98% of five-year olds could be classed as creative geniuses when only 30% of ten year olds exhibit the same creative flair.

  • Monday 25 July – Our first session is titled “What is Creativity? And, why do we fear it?”. We’ll pick at the scab that is our own relationship to creativity. EVENT NOW PASSED – check out the recording below!
  • Thursday 25th August – In our second session, “The Conditions for Creativity”, we unpack how to build your own creative practice at home, work, and in the classroom.
  • Thursday 15th September – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In our final session, “Creative Cultures”, we learn five secret weapons to influence the people (and young people) around us to lean a little further into their creativity.

All sessions run from 4pm – 4.45pm AEST online via Zoom. Join one session, or register now for all three!

EVENT NAME: Creating Curious Classrooms

DATES: Monday 25 July, Thursday 25 August & Thursday 15 September

TIME: 4pm – 4.45pm AEST

GUEST: Mykel Dixon 

Creating Curious Classrooms - Session 1

What is Creativity? And, why do we fear it?

Missed the session? Check out the recording below. 

Recorded live with Mykel Dixon and Nicole Dyson on Monday 25 July 2022. 

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