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Creating Future-Focussed Curriculum

In partnership with The Greater Whitsunday Alliance, Future Anything is bringing three teacher professional development workshops to the Greater Whitsunday region in 2021.

Workshops are open to all upper primary and secondary teachers in the region. 

Future Anything works with schools around the country to unpack the ‘what’, and more importantly, the ‘how’ of an innovative and future focussed approach to curriculum and pedagogy.

Often ‘innovation’ is tied to elective subjects such as Business or STEM, or extra-curricular and opt-in offerings, however using our evidence based frameworks, we build the capacity of educators to embed a practical and contextual curriculum approach to 21st Century Skills, Entrepreneurship and/or Project Based Learning that aligns with each school community’s needs, and vision.

Workshop 3: Creating Future-Focussed Curriculum

This jam-packed half day workshop will empower upper primary and secondary educators with a shared understanding of what Project Based Learning is (and isn’t), as well as stepping through an eight part framework to support the ‘how’ of delivering contextually relevant PBL learning experiences and curriculum units in every classroom.

But, rather than just talking about what makes an innovative and engaging unit of work, we’re going to use the principles of inquiry and project-based learning to actually re-design your own curriculum into a unit of work that you’re going to be excited to deliver in 2022.

So, BYO curriculum and a colleague!

EVENT NAME: Creating Future-Focussed Curriculum

SPEAKER(S): Nicole Dyson

DATE & TIME: Thursday 25 November, 12 noon – 3pm

VENUE: Split Spaces (Mackay, QLD) or online via Zoom

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