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Humans Aren’t Robots: Nicole Dyson, Future Anything

The Humans Aren’t Robots podcast is a series of conversations with designers and creative thinkers uncovering the human elements of teams and modern business practices. They speak to inspirational humans from some of the worlds most successful companies about design means to them in and in particular how it can be applied to the workplace and leadership.

In this episode, Sam chats with Future Anything founder and educator Nicole Dyson. We always really enjoy chatting to Nicole and hearing about the ways she is challenging education systems, inspiring young people and building a new way of learning and adapting for kids in a world that is rapidly changing. We are now in a world where the average 12 year old will have 17 jobs in their career and 50% of jobs won’t even exist at the point that young people leave school. Nicole is providing new ways for students to learn, to experiment and explore.

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