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Humans Aren’t Robots: Future of Work

The Humans Aren’t Robots podcast is a series of conversations with designers and creative thinkers uncovering the human elements of teams and modern business practices. They speak to inspirational humans from some of the worlds most successful companies about design means to them in and in particular how it can be applied to the workplace and leadership.

In this edition, conversations were recorded live at SouthStart 2022 and explore the ‘Future of Work’.

With Covid and its huge impact on all of our lives, changes to the working world really were fast tracked. As expected, we spoke a lot about pandemic and how work-life has changed, but we also got into how this can and should can be personalised – something that works really well for one person could not be right for another.

This episode features Emma Weston (Founder & CEO, Agridigital), Flavia Tata Nardini (Co-Founder & CEO, Fleet Space), Lauren Capelin (Principal, Startmate), Julie Trell (Chief Play Officer, Playful Purpose), Katherine Boiciuc (Associate Director, Maximus), Sarah Nolet (General Partner,  Tenacious Ventures) and Future Anything’s own Nicole Dyson.

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