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Rebel Educator:

Building Connections between Curriculum and the Real World

In each episode of the Rebel Educator podcast, Tanya Sheckley deconstructs world-class educators, students, and thought leaders in education to extract the tactics, tools, and routines that you can use as teachers and parents. Join her as she discusses how to shift the classroom, the learning environment, the mindset, and the pedagogy, to resist tradition, reignite wonder, and re-imagine the future of education.

This podcast is dedicated to all of the educators who work thankless hours to make our next generation the best it can be.  It was designed to begin conversations on how we can redesign education for the future of work and the success of our students.  It is meant for teachers, students, administrators, home schoolers and anyone who interacts with and teaches youth.

In this edition, Tanya talks with Future Anything’s Nicole Dyson about the disconnect between curriculum and real world relevance, why it matters, and how entrepreneurship can bridge the gap and give learners the future ready skills they will need in a world where knowledge is easily accessible.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The disconnection between curriculum and the real world relevance
  • Meeting benchmarks through authentic experiences
  • Providing space for long-term engagement to grow ideas
  • The success story of a 12-year-old entrepreneur and how entrepreneurship has help him grow and build skills
  • Building connections between enterprise and education
  • With knowledge easily accessible, what future skills and capabilities do students really need
  • Why high school is the perfect time to fail
  • How building curriculum from scratch helps to develop relevant learning experiences

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