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Join us for Live Learning 21: Wellbeing in our Schools

Live Learning is Future Anything’s continuing professional development series for educators.

Each month, the Future Anything team chat with awesome movers, shakers, thinkers and doers from the world of entrepreneurship, education and beyond on topics designed to help build enterprising mindsets in schools.

For our last Live Learning session for 2023, we dived into a conversation and explored topics related to “Wellbeing in our Schools.”

In this Live Learning session, we:

  • Delved into the importance of fostering emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing within school environments. 
  • Explored innovative approaches and practices that schools can implement to create a more supportive and nurturing atmosphere. 
  • Understood the global impact of wellbeing initiatives on education and the future of our students.

We were joined by David Bott (Co-Founding Director, The Wellbeing Distillery) and Dr Michelle Kearney (Principal, Bayview College, VIC). David is a leading expert in the field, working with schools not only across Australia but also internationally to shape and guide wellbeing visions and strategies.  A visionary educational leader, Michelle has extensive experience in student wellbeing and supporting her wider school community through challenging times

Our last Live learning session for 2023, this session was a source of inspiration, knowledge, and practical insights for educators, parents, and anyone passionate about the wellbeing of students.

EVENT NAME: Wellbeing in our Schools

DATE & TIME: Wednesday 29 November 2023, 4pm – 4.45pm AEST

GUESTS: David Bott, Co-Founding Director, The Wellbeing Distillery & Dr Michelle Kearney, Principal, Bayview College, VIC.

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