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The Lord Mayor’s Business Awards recognise the best and most innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in Brisbane. The awards centre on the energy, drive and passion behind businesses in any commercial or industrial sector contributing to the growth of Brisbane’s economy.

The awards featured 11 categories. Future Anything was honoured to be shortlisted in the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards Xero Award for Outstanding Micro Business 2021 alongside Resource Hub, Sensa Web and The Little Red Co.

The winners were unveiled by Brisbane Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, at a glittering ceremony at Brisbane Town Hall on Friday 20 October 2021.

Future Anything took out top spot in Xero Award for Outstanding Micro Business 2021 category, with Nicole Dyson, CEO & Founder of Future Anything accepting the the award from Xero’s Andrew Hirst.

Nicole Dyson, CEO & Founder Future Anything  said “It was a huge surprise that Future Anything won the Xero Award for Outstanding Micro-Business at the Mayor’s Business Awards. I’d like to say a hug thank you to the schools, educators and students that we have the privilege of working alongside.”

Nic added “We do what we do in the knowledge that one day soon, it’ll be your passionate young people accepting awards just like this for their own innovative ideas that make their world a better place.”

Future Anything transforms young people’s passion and curiosity into innovative ideas that make their world a better place through in-curriculum school entrepreneurship programs fully facilitated student entrepreneurship workshops and teacher professional  development.

Check our portfolio of school entrepreneurship programs here.

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